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Exceptional Client-Oriented Service

We are highly specialized in the field of immigration and have substantial experience in handling complex legal issues. Each case is carefully evaluated by the lead attorney. This has resulted in our success as a law firm as well as a very large number of satisfied and successful clients.​


Omega has strived to build its trust by providing each client with a complete and accurate understanding of current law. These are the core values and guiding principles here, at Omega:

  1. Excellence-We are successful when our clients are successful.

  2. Accuracy- Client success comes from our unfailing attention to detail and timely follow-up.

  3. Constant Communication- Client service is our priority and we make every effort to stay in constant contact with our clients.

  4. Global Mindset- We understand the global community we live in and we serve clients from all corners of the world.

  5. Driven by Success- Our office holds a 99% approval rate. 

Greetings, we are here for you!

Omega Immigration Law is a boutique law firm specializing in immigration law. We have distinguished ourselves with our know-how, specialty, and strong commitment to our clients' immigration matters.

The field os U.S. immigration law is very complex and constantly changing, and for this reason, our firm makes every attempt to provide each client with specialized services to match your needs.

We believe that our proven success and notable reputation is inextricably tied to the quality service we commit to each case and each client. 

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